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Gospel means good news

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes... Romans1:16

Gospel means good news. But first let us talk about the bad news. The bad news is as a human race we have turned our back on God. We have rebelled(sin) against him, exalting our wills and desires over his. The penalty of turning against God is being cursed with sin and death because we have turned away from the source of Life. If we are judged in our rebellion we will be sentenced to eternal prison(hell). This is bad news. But there is good news. The good news(gospel) of Jesus Christ is that he has made a way for us to get back into a right relationship with our Creator. He became a man and walked among us showing us how we are to live and represent God on the earth. He died a death that we deserved. For the wages of sin is is death. We owed God death and Christ steps in and pays for our death with his life on the Roman cross. 3 days later he is raised from the dead, conquering sin and death, making it possible for everyone to be set free from the curse of sin and death. If we turn from sin and trusting in ourselves and give our trust to Christ alone we shall be saved form eternal damnation and we will be redeemed back to our Heavenly Father. This is good news. In the book of Romans Paul says that sharing this Gospel of Jesus Christ has power that leads to salvation. You do not have to be intimidated to share the good news with others. God Almighty has anointed the message to change lives and turn hearts back to him. Every time I share the gospel God moves on the person hearing it. One of two things happens the person is drawn in to Gods gift of salvation or they want to get out of the conversation as quick as possible due to conviction. No matter the outcome the person has been loved by hearing the truth and God has touched the person in a mighty way. Let us all share the gospel with our neighbors and loved ones, for it is the power of God unto salvation. Have a great day. Love ya


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